Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review of the LP from Sorry State:

Debut 12" by this new UK band, and once again France's Shogun Records has uncovered another diamond in the rough. I read a description online that compares this to bands like Cult Ritual and Total Abuse, but I'm not really seeing that as much... the songs are more mid-paced, with catchy riffs that could almost have a post-punk feel if they weren't produced and performed so aggressively. The vocals are great too, spit out with real venom, but remaining catchy and memorable... the tenor of the vocals actually reminds me a little bit of Ceremony's earlier, more hardcore, stuff, but the comparisons stop there... and while I'm at it I might as well throw out the customary comparisons to United Mutation and Die Kreuzen, as they're certainly applicable here. If, this past year, you burned up your records from bands like No and Nasa Space Universe this is one that needs to be on your turntable. Excellent.

Whilst we almost left them on a table in Scruffy Murphy's the other night, we still have plenty of records. Email if you want to cop one. Playing in Worcester soon. That's it for now. Peace.

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